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Selected Short Fiction


P.S. I Love You, July 2019

The Sorceress's Husband

BFS Horizons #9, June 2019

The Fall of the Black Vulture Gang at the Hands of the Sorcerer Called Benedictus

Corner Bar Magazine, March 2018

The Man with the Golden Hair

Society of Misfit Stories, October 2016

Three Bodies

Theakers Quarterly Fiction, September 2016

The Mandolin Player

Eclectica Magazine, January 2014

Leaving the Island

Longer Fiction

The Childless Ones


Personal Blog

The Advantage of Print Books No One Talks About


Our Mediocre Internet Lives


The 10,000 Hour Rule Doesn't Apply to the Single Most Important Skill

The Startup


My Pal Rich

No Extra Words, October 2016

Excerpt from The Idea of Blueberry Pie

Sunflower Reading Series, November 2013


Inquiry into Human Love

Written by Jaqueline Holland, Produced by Cam Rhys Laywe

Sunflower Reading Series, August 2015

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