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I was born and raised in California, and have spent significant chunks of time living on both coasts. In 2021, after a five-month road trip across the United States with my wife Supriya and daughter Eowyn, I re-located back to Lawrence, Kansas, where I had done my MFA.

Speaking of that MFA... it was in Fiction Writing and was at the University of Kansas. During my first stint in Kansas, I also ran a literary radio show for the University station. Many moons prior to that I received my BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to writing, I've worked (and continue to work) in marketing for a number of tech startups and established companies. Some of the companies I've worked for include: The Easton Press, Yodle, Skillshare, and Otis

Fiction-wise, I like genre stuff (SF, Fantasy, Mystery) as well as work considered more "literary." My own writing reflects these tastes.

My first novel, The Childless Ones, was released in 2018 and is available most places books are sold online.

I'm currently working on a new series of fantasy novels about an egomaniacal explorer intent on discovering a legendary continent across the seas.

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