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Cover Design

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

I've been working with freelance book designer Meg Reid on designing the cover and interior for The Childless Ones. One of the challenges right from the get go was that due to the fact that the book is so varied (realist fiction + epic fantasy), it was difficult for a single image to really capture the essence of the book. As such, I knew that whatever design we went with had to capture this duality.

After looking at a ton of different covers, I decided to pursue two different directions based on different inspirations:

1) The most recent Ishiguro covers:

2) The covers of famed designer Alvin Lustig (which are often typography and illustration based rather than image based):

From here I played around in Powerpoint and in Canva to come up with a few mockups to show the designer:


Working with Meg, we ultimately decided on going with the more image-based cover, and, after several iterations landed with something that I'm really happy with:


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